Brazil, Brazil: Amazonas & Rio
Published 2014 • 216 pp

From the Amazon rain forest to the vibrant and hedonistic city life of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Brazil provides some cultural reflections of two contrasting worlds united under one flag.

[Download Part 1 Amazonas]
[Download Part 2 Rio]
[Download Part 3 Brazilian Way]

  The Fiery Buddha
The Trans Siberia Across Russia to China and Japan

From the travel journals of a journey made in 1985 - 1986 - The Fiery Buddha is a time capsule of Brezhnev’s Soviet Union, the emerging China of the 1980s and some reflections and insights on the paradoxes of Japanese culture. The image of the ‘Fiery Buddha’ provides a theme of Buddhist philosophy; from St Petersburg’s Tibetan temple, Ulan Bator’s Buddhist heritage and China’s ‘new liberalism’ of the 1980s, which saw the re-opening of many Buddhist temples and monasteries.


  Jordan • A Cultural Excursion
Published 2011 • 128 pp

The lost city of Petra, the Dead Sea, and the desert landscapes of the Wadi Rum. Jordan is a country rich in attractions for tourists and travellers. Yet how does the outsider interpret the many layers of Jordanian culture, past and present? Who were the Nabataeans that built Petra, what were their motivations, and why did they disappear? How does the Bedouin culture survive in the modern Jordanian state? And how do Jordanian people see themselves and their place in the modern world in one of the most politically volatile regions in the world today?

Jordan: A Cultural Excursion, is both a record - a travel journal - of a trip to the familiar tourist sites of the country, together with some observations and reflections of Jordan’s cultural heritage.


    The Gambia River
From Banjul to Janjanbureh
Published 2014 • 122 pp

A record of a river journey from the Atlantic coast to the Senegal border; it is the river that defines a nation. A former British colony, The Gambia symbolizes the contrasts of sub-Saharan Africa, and its river defines the country’s diversity and cultural identity.

Forthcoming Autumn 2014